Two monks dressed in golden robes, turn their heads up and smile knowingly as they say, “It’s the little things in life, all your small reactions – that create your Karma. I sigh and wonder what has brought on this drama, and what I can do to clear my karma. The monks keep smiling, gently […]

Honor your dreams and tap into an ocean of wisdom!

Learn how to connect mindfully with your dreams and tap into an ocean of inner wisdom! Your dreams play a vital part of your life, and embracing your dreams can help you develop a deeper sense of connection, fulfillment and happiness, and also bring about physical healing. By listening to your dreams you discover unknown […]

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Dreaming is a creative state of consciousness ~ Seth

You may have heard of an astounding woman named Jane Roberts, and her spiritual teacher “Seth”. Jane Roberts was a beautiful medium, and she channeled Seth through as an energetic source, and was able to convey his messages in a trance state, as his presence filled her body. The world is forever blessed with Seth’s […]